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Search robots/crawlers that "read" html pages are unable to "read" video context and content. As a result, video content is missed by these search crawlers who typically can only comprehend text (both visible on the page and hidden in the source html).

Captions and subtitles do several things:

  • Allow users watching the video in mute (including hearing impaired viewrs) to understand the video.
  • Enable viewers to comprehend the video in their local language (subtitles-translations).
  • Videos with subtitles (from our studies) have shown to increase viewer engagement with the video (the viewer watches longer and more viewers watch to completion).
  • The caption / subtitle text (and the significant keywords which are extracted from the captions/subtitles) can be used as hidden metadata within the page’s URL (source code) to enable these crawlers to “read” and index the page with more information. More information and data for the crawlers to “read” yield better and more relevant search results. The caption / subtitle text creates this new metadata content (in multiple languages as well for search queries in other languages).

SubPLY services:

  • Provide users with better understanding of the video
  • Support for the hearing-impaired
  • Multi-lingual comprehension
  • Increase viewer time at your site
  • Generate additional metadata and keywords for better search results

SubPLY APIs enable access of this data from our services.