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SubPLY allows web video publishers, broadcasters and other users to add subtitles and captions in any language to any type of web video delivering a rich contextual multimedia experience. SubPLY allows the viewer to choose instantly in which available subtitle language to watch content directly from the video (similar to using a DVD).

SubPLY: Uses & Value Proposition

  • Ideal for foreign language viewers and users who prefer to watch your videos without sound.
  • Liberating for hard of hearing and the deaf community who gain a more interactive experience with the ability of subtitled content.
  • The content owner retains control while enabling a new form of multimedia peer production

SubPLY Professional

SubPLY Professional is a fully bundled solution for subtitling and captioning by providing video publishers and broadcasters the tools to enable subtitling directly on their video.

SubPLY Professional: Uses & Value Proposition

  • Professional subtitles and timing in multiple languages by our global network of translators.
  • Access to Professionally created online video subtitling tool.
  • Subtitling content for “hot” items (such as news) in short-time turnaround.
  • Great for global companies, institutions and organizations to deliver their video content throughout their organizations in their native language.