Free Do-It-Yourself Online Captioning Tool

Create your own captions in any language on any web video!

SubPLY's free online captioning tool is a powerful and easy way to caption your videos by yourself.
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SubPLY's free online captioning tool

SubPLY is proud to introduce its new Free Online Captioning tool

More About the FREE Service

  • Create your own captions using our simple and free do-it-yourself captioning tool.
  • Caption any web video into any Language
  • Simply play your video, pausing and inserting the captions as you go along.
  • The captions are saved automatically and stored in the SubPLY system - you can return and edit them whenever you please by accessing the "My Work" section under "My Account".
  • When you are done captioning you can export your captions, in various formats.
  • Our captioning tool is a version of the reknowned Subtitles Horse tool (

Why use Captions?

  • Ideal for foreign language viewers and users who prefer to watch your videos without sound.
  • Subtitled content makes your video accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Improve SEO - discoverability and searching for your video.
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