Free Online Captioning tool - Documentation

PLYmedia's caption tool is an intuitive online one-stop application for creating caption files for your videos.

Using the Caption Creator Tool

CREATE: Play your video. Pause when you are ready to add a caption, and then type it in the typing area (1) and click "Add".

EDIT: Once the caption is added it moves to the right hand side (3) and is fully editable there.

TIME: To fine-tune the timing and synching of the captions, change the "show" and "hide" times from the timing area (2) or from the caption area on the right (3) when the video is paused.

Caption Tool

1. Create your captions

Type your text here. The show-caption time will be current one and the hide-caption time will be calculated depending on the length of the caption. This can be adjusted manually (See point 2).

Text Area

2. Set the time value

Adjust the show and hide time value. In this example the caption will appear at 00:00:05 and disappear at 00:00:07.

Timing Area

3. Change an existing subtitle

To change your caption simply double-click the it in the list on the right.


File Menu

you can import subtitles which you haven`t finished yet or any other subtitles which are in a supported format. putting an offset value to the subtitles means to offset the time value of all the titles, both show time and hide time.

export the titles in the desired format. copy and paste the code to a text-file (e.g. open the standard editor in windows [start-programmes-utilities-editor] and save it.

(Important: If ctrl-c or ctrl-v doesn`t work, right-click and choose copy/paste from the menu.)

Supported formats:

Format Import Export
TimedText xx
Jeroenwijering MEDIA PLAYER 3.16 xx
Jeroenwijering FLV PLAYER 3.8 xx
Format used by xx
Subrip xx
Adobe Encore xx
Smil (Realone) x 
Subviewer20  x

Save & Exit
Your captions are saved automatically in the system for future re-use. The status of your work will remain "in process".

Complete & Publish
The status of your work will change from "in process" to "published" and it will be ready for exporting/embedding.

Titles Menu

Select All
Select all created captions.

Deselect All
Deselect captions once selected.

Glue Titles
Automatically creates a 1-millisecond interval between created captions.

Change Times
Change the original timecodes of your captions.

Remove Selected
Delete created captions.

Remove All
Delete all created captions. This can`t be undone.

Options Menu

Auto Correction
This will automatically correct overlapping hide-times.


Working with Milliseconds
When checked values will be shown in the format: hh:mm:ss:ms instead of: hh:mm:ss

Show Background for Subtitles
Toggle between a black or white background for the captions. The default is a white font with a black border. will be shown

Calculate Hide Time Automatically
Turns on a suggestion for the "Hide time value", depending on the amounts of letters in the caption.

Search Keyframes
When checked, FLV keyframes will be searched so the shown frame will be closer to its real time value.

Automatic Hide Time Correction
If a new caption's show-time overlaps with the hide-time of the previous title, the hide time will be changed.

Easy View
Turn off to show a caption menu above the titles. Make mass-selection with the ctrl. and shift button.

Font Size
Adjust the font size of the shown captions.

Search for text within the captions you created.

Special Characters
A list of special characters that you can insert in your captions.

Help Menu

Instructions on using the caption tool.

A list of keyboard shortcuts to help use the caption tool swiftly