iPhone Captions Service

Make your video better. Take it to the text level!

Add Captions and Subtitles to your iTouch videos.

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  • Upload your video or direct us to it, in any format.
  • Choose the languages you’d like your captions to be in.
  • Your iPhone-ready professionally captioned video file (.m4v ) will be available for download within 48 hours.


  • Pay only for the languages you need
  • Pay-n-go, no obligations and no monthly fee.
  • Free online content management using the SubPLY.com site.
  • Safe and easy payment with PayPal


As part of the process, your video is transcripted, timed, captioned and translated. In addition, categorized keywords are automatically extracted from it. All these files, in SRT and XML formats, will be available for you and can be accessed at any time from your free SubPLY.com account.

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