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Learn English with Kaplan in London: http://bit.ly/KIC-LeicesterSquare Aamer from Yemen and Alesandra from Colombia explain why they chose to learn English at Kaplan International Colleges, London L (More)
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00:00:16 00:00:19 Welcome to London!
00:00:20 00:00:23 Hi, I'm Aamer. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Iran.
00:00:23 00:00:27 Hi, I'm Alesandra. I'm from Colombia and I'm 20 years old.
00:00:27 00:00:30 I like that in London, it's a dynamic environment
00:00:30 00:00:34 and also it's exciting. London is a very busy city.
00:00:35 00:00:37 London is such a beautiful city.
00:00:37 00:00:39 Always there is something to do in London,
00:00:39 00:00:41 always there is something happening.
00:00:41 00:00:44 Kaplan is just an amazing place.
00:00:44 00:00:47 The classes are so right because we're having fun.
00:00:48 00:00:50 The classes are very good because they're very organized,
00:00:50 00:00:53 and the teachers, they're very friendly,
00:00:53 00:00:55 they help you with your pronunciation.
00:00:55 00:00:58 Here at Kaplan we really focus on the communicative approach.
00:00:58 00:01:00 We want students talking,
00:01:00 00:01:02 we want them expressing their ideas.
00:01:02 00:01:04 When a student has finished studying at Kaplan,
00:01:04 00:01:07 they will be able to communicate in English with their friends,
00:01:07 00:01:09 with their colleagues, and that really
00:01:10 00:01:12 is what the communicative approach is all about.
00:01:12 00:01:14 There's so much here. We have the study centre
00:01:14 00:01:16 where they can come and take DVDs out.
00:01:17 00:01:19 We have about 30 computers in this school.
00:01:19 00:01:21 There's wi-fi all around the school,
00:01:21 00:01:23 we've got the interactive whiteboards.
00:01:23 00:01:25 There's the student lounge on the top floor,
00:01:26 00:01:28 so that's a really cool chill-out area.
00:01:28 00:01:31 If the students would like to book their accommodation with Kaplan
00:01:32 00:01:34 they have the choice between home stays.
00:01:34 00:01:36 You live with a family
00:01:36 00:01:38 and they provide breakfast and dinner for you.
00:01:38 00:01:39 It's a good option if you would like
00:01:39 00:01:42 to practice your speaking more after classes are over.
00:01:42 00:01:45 Or you can go to a residence, so that's the option
00:01:45 00:01:49 if you would like be a little bit away from family life
00:01:49 00:01:51 and just take care of your own dinners and breakfasts.
00:01:51 00:01:54 I'm staying at a place called Urbanest, it's a residence.
00:01:54 00:01:56 There's a little kitchen, you have your own space.
00:01:57 00:02:01 The rooms are very modern, it's like new so it's very nice.
00:02:03 00:02:04 Kaplan Leicester Square is located
00:02:04 00:02:06 in the heart of the city of London.
00:02:06 00:02:08 It's like two minutes from Trafalgar Square,
00:02:08 00:02:10 two minutes from Leicester Square.
00:02:10 00:02:13 It's the most amazing places in London.
00:02:13 00:02:17 Trafalgar Square, always there are people doing street performance,
00:02:18 00:02:20 people in fancy dress.
00:02:20 00:02:22 You can go also to Buckingham Palace
00:02:22 00:02:25 where you can see the guards with their horses.
00:02:25 00:02:27 I love going shopping.
00:02:29 00:02:31 Here in London, it's oh my God, it's amazing.
00:02:31 00:02:33 I like to go to Carnaby Street.
00:02:35 00:02:38 You find every kind of shop so it's very nice.
00:02:38 00:02:40 The great thing about Kaplan in Leicester Square
00:02:41 00:02:42 is the social programs.
00:02:42 00:02:44 One of my favourite things that Kaplan organizes
00:02:45 00:02:48 is the fast boat ride. It's just fabulous.
00:02:48 00:02:50 Amazing view and such great weather.
00:02:51 00:02:53 In the middle of the city you can see the London Eye,
00:02:54 00:02:57 the Big Ben and London Bridge.
00:02:57 00:02:59 Because at the beginning you go slow
00:02:59 00:03:02 and then when you are near Canary Wharf
00:03:02 00:03:04 the boat goes very fast
00:03:07 00:03:10 and you feel that you're going to fall in the water
00:03:10 00:03:11 but it's very nice.
00:03:12 00:03:14 A short tube away from school
00:03:14 00:03:16 is going to lead you into Camden Market.
00:03:19 00:03:22 It's really amazing, such a great place.
00:03:22 00:03:25 In Camden Market you can buy whatever you want.
00:03:25 00:03:29 In Camden there is a pub and a club called Proud.
00:03:29 00:03:31 It's very nice because you can play Guitar Hero,
00:03:31 00:03:36 they have a little place to play Guitar Hero.
00:03:36 00:03:39 You can go and dance and you can drink something.
00:03:40 00:03:41 I love coming to karaoke in the evening.
00:03:42 00:03:44 London night life rocks.
00:03:44 00:03:47 Since I came here my English improved really fast
00:03:48 00:03:50 in just a short period.
00:03:50 00:03:52 And now I feel really confident about myself,
00:03:52 00:03:54 now I can apply to a university
00:03:55 00:03:58 that's really going to help me in my future.
00:04:00 00:04:03 Kaplan International Colleges www.kaplaninternational.com
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