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00:00:20 00:00:23 In the UK and Ireland Kaplan has more than 10 schools.
00:00:23 00:00:25 We have a couple of schools in London,
00:00:25 00:00:27 we have a school in Edinburgh in Scotland,
00:00:27 00:00:30 we have a school in Dublin, the Irish capital,
00:00:31 00:00:32 and we have some smaller locations
00:00:33 00:00:34 such as Torquay and Bournemouth.
00:00:34 00:00:37 We also have classic destinations like Cambridge and Oxford.
00:00:37 00:00:40 Each one of these offers a unique, fantastic experience
00:00:40 00:00:43 for international students that want to learn English.
00:00:43 00:00:45 It goes without saying that the Kaplan teaching staff
00:00:45 00:00:47 in the UK have a very high level.
00:00:47 00:00:48 We put great importance on our teachers
00:00:49 00:00:50 because at the end of the day they are the people
00:00:50 00:00:52 that are on the front lines with our students
00:00:52 00:00:55 ensuring that they get the best experience.
00:00:55 00:00:56 Our teachers are well-qualified.
00:00:57 00:01:00 They enjoy their jobs, which I think is very important,
00:01:00 00:01:02 and the fact that they do enjoy them,
00:01:02 00:01:04 they communicate effectively with our students,
00:01:04 00:01:06 the students will get a good learning experience from that.
00:01:07 00:01:09 The students can actually relax and enjoy the whole experience
00:01:09 00:01:10 while they're here.
00:01:11 00:01:13 The teachers are very friendly, and you come forward
00:01:14 00:01:17 in your English speaking, listening, writing.
00:01:17 00:01:20 It's an easy way to learn in a short time
00:01:20 00:01:22 to speak better English.
00:01:22 00:01:24 The teachers are so great, so friendly.
00:01:24 00:01:27 The classes are very interesting so you will enjoy yourself
00:01:28 00:01:30 and you will improve you English so much.
00:01:31 00:01:32 We believe that the whole experience for the student
00:01:32 00:01:33 is extremely important,
00:01:33 00:01:34 not only what they're doing in the classroom
00:01:35 00:01:36 but also when they're in and around the college.
00:01:37 00:01:38 We put great importance on the facilities
00:01:38 00:01:40 we have in each centre, in each college.
00:01:40 00:01:42 They have so many facilities.
00:01:43 00:01:45 You have a multimedia room with lots of computers,
00:01:45 00:01:48 that you can write emails to your friends, to your families,
00:01:48 00:01:51 an extra studying room and an extra computer room.
00:01:51 00:01:53 We've got two choices of accommodation.
00:01:53 00:01:56 One is staying with an English host family,
00:01:56 00:01:58 so basically you're part of the family,
00:01:58 00:01:59 you're living in their home,
00:01:59 00:02:02 you're interacting with English people all the time.
00:02:02 00:02:04 This is a very popular option.
00:02:04 00:02:07 The home stays are a great opportunity
00:02:07 00:02:09 for students to really practice their English all the time at home.
00:02:10 00:02:11 They have dinner together,
00:02:11 00:02:12 they talk about their day together.
00:02:13 00:02:15 The family where I live is very nice.
00:02:16 00:02:19 I like staying with them because I can really improve my English
00:02:19 00:02:21 and they are very kind to me.
00:02:21 00:02:24 The other option we have is a residence
00:02:24 00:02:27 where you've got your own personal private bedroom
00:02:27 00:02:29 but you're interacting with other students
00:02:30 00:02:30 from around the world
00:02:31 00:02:33 because you're sharing facilities in the same building.
00:02:33 00:02:36 I'm staying at a place called Urbanest, it's a residence.
00:02:36 00:02:39 There's a little kitchen, you have your own space.
00:02:39 00:02:44 The rooms are very modern, it's like new so it's very nice.
00:02:45 00:02:48 In the UK and Ireland, at all our centres, all our colleges
00:02:48 00:02:49 we have social coordinators
00:02:50 00:02:52 and their role is to organize social events,
00:02:53 00:02:56 evening entertainment, going out in groups.
00:02:56 00:02:57 When the students are in the classroom
00:02:58 00:03:00 they're learning in a classroom environment,
00:03:00 00:03:02 they're with their teacher but when they're out socializing
00:03:02 00:03:04 they're free to practice their vocabulary.
00:03:04 00:03:05 What they've learned in the classroom,
00:03:06 00:03:09 they can do this in a live, unstructured, free way
00:03:09 00:03:11 which we find really benefits our students.
00:03:14 00:03:15 Kaplan organizes a football match
00:03:15 00:03:17 so every Tuesday I and a couple of my mates
00:03:17 00:03:20 we head down to Russell Square and have a little kick about.
00:03:21 00:03:23 It's really nice to watch them play football,
00:03:23 00:03:24 they are really good.
00:03:24 00:03:29 Because we are Brazilian, we love football. Go Nicolo!
00:04:03 00:04:06 Since I came here my English improved really fast
00:04:06 00:04:08 in just a short period
00:04:09 00:04:11 and now I feel really confident about myself.
00:04:11 00:04:16 Now I can apply to a university that's really going to help me
00:04:16 00:04:17 in my future.
00:04:17 00:04:18 The best thing about coming here
00:04:19 00:04:22 I think that is not just learning English with your teacher,
00:04:22 00:04:24 you meet people from all over the world
00:04:25 00:04:27 so that you can speak with them in English.
00:04:27 00:04:29 So that's great.
00:04:29 00:04:32 I would recommend other friends of mine
00:04:32 00:04:36 to study here in Kaplan because of the great school,
00:04:37 00:04:40 you will meet lots of students, very international,
00:04:40 00:04:42 very friendly teachers.
00:04:42 00:04:45 You can improve your English so fast.
00:04:46 00:04:49 I would definitely recommend Kaplan International College
00:04:50 00:04:54 because it's professional, because it's a very nice
00:04:55 00:04:57 and very friendly environment.
00:04:57 00:05:02 I would recommend Kaplan because it's a really good college,
00:05:02 00:05:05 the classes are really, really nice and you learn a lot.
00:05:05 00:05:07 I think it's perfect.
00:05:07 00:05:09 The environment here is very lovely
00:05:09 00:05:12 and I'm enjoying it here.
00:05:12 00:05:17 Kaplan was really helpful for improving my English
00:05:17 00:05:19 and it will be really helpful for my future.
00:05:20 00:05:23 Studying at Kaplan really helped me to improve my English
00:05:24 00:05:25 and I had a really good time here.
00:05:26 00:05:29 Not only did I learn English and improve my English,
00:05:29 00:05:32 but also I've met incredible people.
00:05:32 00:05:34 I've made friends from all over the world
00:05:34 00:05:36 and most importantly I had a good time.
00:05:39 00:05:42 Kaplan International Colleges www.kaplaninternational.com
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