Middle-Aged Woman Angrily Demanding Price Check Was Once Carefree Youth, Onlookers Speculate
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Shoppers at a Hannaford supermarket could only speculate that a woman angrily asking for a price check on a four-ounce snack cup was once a free-spirited and easy-going youth. Subscribe to The Onion  (More)
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00:00:04 00:00:09 Shoppers at a local Hannaford Supermarket could only imagine that the 42-year-old
00:00:09 00:00:13 woman angrily demanding a price check on package of rice pudding was more than
00:00:13 00:00:17 likely was a buoyant and carefree youth too easy going to barade a cashier over
00:00:18 00:00:22 a 4 ounce snack cup. No, no, no the 6 pack is 3.29 not 4.29,
00:00:22 00:00:26 run the two again, okay this is unacceptable. Every time I come to the store there
00:00:26 00:00:30 is something wrong and I am sick of it. I am sick of it.
00:00:30 00:00:33 Sources speculated that the vicious tantrum would have been unthinkable to the
00:00:33 00:00:38 woman during her early 20's when here eyes probably gleamed with the fire of hope
00:00:38 00:00:43 unencumbered by responsibility, fear or regret. She was probably just some free willing
00:00:43 00:00:46 college kid you know. Her biggest concern was which one of her
00:00:46 00:00:48 friends she was going to hang out with at night and whether they were going to meet
00:00:48 00:00:50 at the movies or a bonfire on the beach.
00:00:50 00:00:53 Now look at her. You know I bet if you told her 10 or 15
00:00:53 00:00:56 years ago that one day she would be ripping into a grocery store clerk with
00:00:56 00:01:00 a room full of strangers staring at her, she would have been horrified.
00:01:00 00:01:03 It is sad. It is pretty sad.
00:01:03 00:01:07 I have the circular right here and it says 3.29, okay, right there.
00:01:07 00:01:11 Onlookers said that very deep within the world weary woman was likely a girl that
00:01:11 00:01:15 drove a hundred miles in an open back jeep and stood in line for concert tickets all
00:01:15 00:01:19 before being slowly beaten into submission by the stresses of getting older,
00:01:20 00:01:23 raising a child and sacrificing her career goals for her husband.
00:01:24 00:01:25 I don't care what it says on your screen.
00:01:25 00:01:28 You know this is why people go to the store across the street because of the way
00:01:28 00:01:30 they are treated here. You know nobody likes it here.
00:01:31 00:01:34 It really makes you stop and appreciate the youth you have been granted because
00:01:34 00:01:37 one day you wake up your life is half over
00:01:39 00:01:43 and you are verbally assaulting a cashier over the price of rice pudding while
00:01:43 00:01:47 wearing sweat pants in public. You are all just a bunch of incompetent
00:01:47 00:01:52 imbeciles and I want to speak to the manager. I can tell you right now that will never
00:01:52 00:01:56 be me. That will never be me.
00:01:57 00:02:01 Keep checking TheOnion.com for more as the story develops.
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