This Week In History: Statue Of Liberty Arrives From France, Moves Into Cramped Tenement Building
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The Onion looks at the discovery of a group of North Dakotan coal miners that would become the cast of 'Happy Days,' the Supreme Court ruling that allowed black students to experience racism first han (More)
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00:00:01 00:00:04 From the day an ancient cave dweller painted yet another fucking El Cant on
00:00:05 00:00:11 a wall in 1500 B.C. to Garry Marshall's 1974 discovery of 13 weather beaten North
00:00:11 00:00:15 Dakotan coal miners that would go on to become the cast of Happy Days the Onion
00:00:15 00:00:18 looks back at this week in history
00:00:19 00:00:24 On June 17th, 1954 the effects of the previous month's historic Supreme Court
00:00:24 00:00:28 ruling in Brown versus the Board of Education provided black students with the
00:00:28 00:00:33 educational opportunity of experiencing racism first hand in the segregated
00:00:33 00:00:37 schools up until that point African-American peoples could only endure
00:00:37 00:00:41 racial slurs and death threats in city streets or near their homes with the
00:00:41 00:00:45 Warren Court's decision they now had access to hurtful rhetoric in the
00:00:45 00:00:46 classroom as well.
00:00:47 00:00:52 For too long -segregation has unfairly denied black students the crucial
00:00:52 00:00:56 knowledge of what is like to be spat upon in history classes or on the school playground.
00:00:56 00:00:58 Now those are finally open to them.
00:01:00 00:01:06 On June 17th, 1885 the statute of liberty first arrived from France moving into
00:01:06 00:01:10 a cramped and rat infested tenement building in the lower East side of Manhattan
00:01:10 00:01:14 shortly after her arrival the statute worked multiple jobs under brutal
00:01:14 00:01:19 conditions before eventually being hired to greet new immigrants on Liberty Island.
00:01:21 00:01:25 After she was stripped naked at immigration, deloused and separated from
00:01:25 00:01:29 her family who didn't pass their medical examinations Liberty spent her nights
00:01:29 00:01:33 sleeping on the flower as of these poorly ventilated buildings next to dozens of
00:01:33 00:01:34 crying children.
00:01:34 00:01:38 She was suffering from scarlet fever and dysentery when New York officials spotted
00:01:39 00:01:43 her working as a seamstress and said she had perfect look and stature to welcome
00:01:43 00:01:44 incoming immigrants.
00:02:38 00:02:43 And on June 24th, 1784; 13 year-old Edward Warren took the first
00:02:43 00:02:48 hot air balloon flight becoming the first American to urinate on a crowd from 100
00:02:48 00:02:52 feet in the air and that was what happened this week in history.
00:02:52 00:02:56 In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "Historically speaking, I'd like to be
00:02:56 00:03:00 reincarnated as someone who didn't starve himself and get shot."
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