#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Improving the Practice of Prescribing Antibiotics – Dr. Morgan Katz - YouTube
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00:00:02 00:00:04 >> Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat
00:00:04 00:00:08 to global health and is fueled by widespread misuse
00:00:08 00:00:09 of antibiotics.
00:00:09 00:00:12 The majority of misuse occurs in nursing homes
00:00:12 00:00:15 where over 50% of suspected infections
00:00:15 00:00:20 treated with antibiotics do not actually require them.
00:00:20 00:00:22 This practice has been associated with the development
00:00:22 00:00:27 of multidrug resistant bacteria, or super bugs,
00:00:27 00:00:30 as well as side effects for nursing home residents,
00:00:30 00:00:34 including severe diarrheal disease and kidney failure.
00:00:34 00:00:37 My name is Morgan Katz, and I have dedicated my research
00:00:37 00:00:40 to improve antibiotic prescribing practices
00:00:40 00:00:43 and to protect our community from infection
00:00:43 00:00:46 with antibiotic resistant bacteria.
00:00:46 00:00:50 Many people use antibiotics for a variety of symptoms,
00:00:50 00:00:53 but without a definitive diagnosis of infection,
00:00:53 00:00:57 antibiotics can be more harmful than helpful.
00:00:57 00:01:01 I develop programs to change this cultural belief
00:01:01 00:01:04 and encourage all members of the healthcare team
00:01:04 00:01:07 to use antibiotics responsibly.
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