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Automatic Translation

The automatic translation API allows you to translate Captions & Subtitles created by SubPLY

This translated data can be used in various ways:

  • Upload to YouTube in order to allows caption on their video player
  • Use as the subtitle source for players supporting the SRT format
  • Embed in your site to increate SEO dramatically

SubPLY can currently supply your data in the following formats:

  • Standard SRT
  • YouTube SRT
  • Plain Transcript/Text
  • XML
  • DFXP
  • RSS

REST Interface{format}/{language}?url={url}&sl={source}


Language - Language code representing the result requested language (click here for a list of Language Code).

Format types
srt Stardard SRT File
youtube YouTube SRT File
transcript Plain Transcript
xml XML Format
text Simple Text
dfxp DFXP Standard
rss RSS Standard feed

URL - The URL as sent to SubPLY in order to produce the Captions/Subtitles

sl - OPTIONAL - Set this parameter to decide which existing language should be used as the source for the translation



A Text result in the requested format. Following is the result from the above example (English source translated to Spanish):

00:02:44,730 --> 00:02:59,370
Diciendo toda mi vida con sus palabras
Suavemente me mata ... con su canción"

00:02:35,950 --> 00:02:44,320
Suavemente me mata con su canción
Suavemente me mata .. con su canción"

00:02:25,660 --> 00:02:35,260
Rasgando mi dolor con sus dedos
Sí, estaba cantando mi vida con sus palabras, sí"

00:02:15,630 --> 00:02:24,940
Le pedí que se termine
pero mantuvo la derecha en la justa, sí .."