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Content API

The Content API returns the TOC content entry in the language requested as created by SubPLY

This API call will return a XML Time based file containing the Subtitles for your video.

The format in which the content is returned is:

  • XML (default) - SubPLY XML format
  • OTHER - Any of the transcript formats mentioned in the transcript API

REST Interface:{contentId}.xml?revision={revision}


contentId - A SubPLY unique guid content id of your Captions/Subtitles

revision - As SubPLY keeps a revision of any change made to the captions this is the request revision id



A XML result in the requested format. Following is the result from the above example:

The response XML is built as follows:

    Item Section
  • from - Caption entry timeline in seconds
  • duration - Caption display time in seconds
  • Caption Text