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Initialize API

The Initialize API is the first step to get the content created by SubPLY

This API call will return a TOC (Table-Of-Contents) of available Subtitles or captions for your video.

This API can be called in 2 ways:

  • STATIC - call is made to a cloud base static file which is updated each time a language is added, removed or modified for a specific video
  • DYNAMIC - call is made to our CDN's cache-based dynamic server which is updated on a 60 seconds interval

STATIC REST Interface:{encodedURL}=?nocache={uniqueId}


URL - A Base 64 encoded lower case URL as sent to SubPLY in order to produce the Captions/Subtitles

uniqueId - Any unique number, Guid or string to make sure you get the latest non-cached response




URL - The URL as sent to SubPLY in order to produce the Captions/Subtitles



A XML result in the requested format. Following is the result from the above example:

The response XML is built as follows:

    Video Section
  • VideoID - SubPLY unique video identifier
  • Domain - Customer domain name
  • Duration - Video duration in seconds
  • URL - SubPLY unique URL video identifier
  • Title - Video title
  • Description - Video description
    Content Section (under the Subtitles node)
  • language - SubPLY language code (click here for a list of Language Code).
  • url - static link to the publish XML based content (see content API)
  • id - SubPLY content unique guid identifier